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This thread is for getting some good bullet ideas and even posting the crappy ones you have seen to get a laugh.

I have seen to many NCOs go com sites like bulletblaster or ncobullet to writing NCOERs. I believe it is a good base to find a filler bullet or even get a general idea if it is your 1st time. But I hate seeing them.

You as the individual NCO write your NCOER and your rater puts it on paper, but I have seen countless times where this is not the case.

An Instructor's NCOER I have seen for grenade range.

o certified seven and recertified three instructors on the M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade with confidence clip; who will instruct FY12 IET Soldiers

o successfully trained over 19,600 IET Soldiers on M67 Fragmentation Hand Grenade procedures; which resulted in flawless execution of all tasks; 100% first time Go rate

o shared knowledge to Range Cadre on how to employ Small Group Instruction techniques
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Filler bullets are horrible and should be avoided as much as possible when writing NCOERs.

Good bullets are usually personalized and quantifiable.

The major issue is there is not a lot of mentorship and professional development from NCOs to Junior NCOs helping them understand the NCOER process

Many NCOs do not read the SFC AAR Board comments about the annual NCOER discrepencies that take place year after year.

NCOs just fail to read AR 623-3 and other supporting regulations.

I personally really try to keep track of all the good and bad an NCO does, all the classes taught, at the schools and course, etc. Keep up with the quarterly counseling, following the checklist and its too easy.

Sometimes you have to give opportunities to allow an NCO to showcase more potential.

Lastly what helps me get the creative juices flowing, what I use for teaching NCOERs is a flashdrive I have with hundreds of NCOERs, good, bade SGT,SSG,SFC,MSG, relief of cause, you name it. Great training tool.
I keep all of my NCOERs and Awards. I use those as a memory jogger to write bullets that don't sound cheesy and recycled. I know that sounds like it's recycled since I told you that I just look at my own stuff, but in fact I tailor each bullet to the NCO.

That's the key to a good NCOER.

The key to an easily written NCOER is to make sure that you are counseling the NCO on a 2166-8-1. The main reason for a rushed and cookie cutter NCOER is that no support form was ever given or updated, so when it comes time to write the NCOER it's usually RUSHED. I also mitigate this by marking in my calendar on my phone/Google account when each counseling is due, as well as reminders as to when the NCOER is due.

For example, the last NCOER I did was complete 61 days before the due date, complete with corrections and senior comments, simply waiting to add or delete anything should it change in the last few months. So there was no sense of rushing. Several times I pulled the NCOER back out to change a few bullets. I might, for example, have used one or two "cookie cutter" bullets on a Success block and thought of something or some way to make them more personal, even if not improving the actual quality of the comment.
seven0821, not to dig into your business but your not carrying around ncoer's for other Soldiers right? I mean it's good to have examples but as long as the names/socials/other sensitive information are blacked out (copied and blacked out and copied.... you know the process), That is a good thought though. I've worked in a brigade S1 and I wish I would've thought of that. Officers/Senior NCO's know how to write fluff bullets! Also, do you have a link to that SFC AAR board comments?

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