I am interested in the Warrior Transition Unit squad leader / PSG position, but can't find much info on the net or anyone that has done the job before...Can anyone give me some pointers as to how to be selected or volunteer?...what's life is like in such unit?

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I was a squad leader at Ft. Hood, can be rewarding or it can be a pain in the a$$ depends on who you have in your squad. It used to be a 24/7job on call unless on leave. The manning roster is 50% active, 30% guard and 20% reserves. May need to check with Medcom or a medical unit that is usually who they fall under.
I am currently a SL at Ft. Dix NJ WTU. I have been here for over 2 years and to be honest it is and continues to be one of the rewarding yet challenging positions in my career. If you are looking at submitting a packet go to MOBCOP (CAC enabled) and ckick on Tour Of Duty or just try and search for TOD on Google.

Once there just search for a SL position. There many qualification that you need such as, WLC and E5/E6 for SL E7 for PSG.

But in short the job is just what it is a job. Many people get burned out b/c they start to take a lot of things personally and then take the job home with them. Once you step out the office and head home leave it in the office, of course you are going to get the phone calls or texts saying your soldier done did this or that but again that's at work head back and take care of it, and once again leave it where it happened. Th other aspect of the many aspects of this jobs is gaining the respect of not only your COC, but also the Soldiers in Transition. Many times you will be assigned higher ranking NCO's or Officers who don't want to be lead by a lower enlisted NCO or whatever, my way around this was to tell them to respect the position not my rank. Your positions as a SL/PSG out ranks all ST's and if they have a problem with that then that's where your PSG/1SG/Commander comes in. However you can and should try and take care of things in house b4 heading to up the chain.

If you decide to do this and your married it may affect the time you are home and may cause tension between you and your spouse or children, but if you learn how to separate the job and home and take some time with your family on weekends or other days off you should be ok, but you aspect to have Staff Duty every now and then depending on what location you get picked up on.

I can go on and on about this job, but again take the good with the bad and the great with the worst, you will have shitty times but there are great times like MWR trips out the country or around the country. Celebrity visits and other fun things.

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