I keep finding myself in this situation dealing with this board. I was asked where Audie Murphy was comming from and heading to when his private plane crashed. The only thing I can find is it crashed on may 28th 1971, and it was a business trip. IS there anyone out there who knows where he left from and was heading to?
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Pretty close there bigmess...let me enhance your revelation.

Audie's white & blue, 690 series, twin-engine, Rockwell-Standard Aero-Commander #N601JJ departed DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta Georgia at 0910 hours. The plane was supposed to land at Martinsville, Virginia at 1115 hours.

Audie, 5 business associates and the pilot were killed when the plane crashed into Brushy Mountain near Roanoke, Virginia at 1208 hours, 28 May 1971.
I posted this on another thread but wanted to add it here as well. This is nice gee wiz info but as far as I’m concerned I would much rather have an NCO in my club that knew how to handle a P3 and what TC 3-22.20 said about rehabilitation than an NCO that knows the color of A.M.’s plane and how much fuel it had when it crashed. This board (and club) is about your soldiers and how you take care of them not about how book smart you are. I realize most boards will ask you some ridicules questions (I have always taken these to be more a test of your military bearing when faced with something you don’t know or don’t know how to handle) but you won’t get kicked out or voted no because you didn’t know the color of the plane, you will get kicked out (or voted no) every time because you didn’t know who in your squad only got a 65% on their run and you weren’t doing anything to improve it.
because you can't hear my tone Ivcabbie I'm not sure why you assume I'm being sardonic, my comment that it's nice gee wiz info isn't to say you should dump this info and the only people that have it memorized are bad leaders. I just wanted to get across that basic leadership info should come first.
At the last board I was at one NCO knew A.M.'s service number but couldn't explain the basics of an initial counseling. So again if you are on these forums searching for far out there facts please make sure you are they type of NCO the club needs first then go after the gee wiz info. (my comments were in no way meant to talk down to theoldsarge or anyone else that has a data bank of these little gems)

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